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January Meditation Challenge

…Are you looking to learn how to meditate? Would you like to make meditation a habit? Would being a part of a group that meditates daily help?
If you said yes to any of the above, then this 30-day meditation challenge is for you!

Why do I need this meditation challenge?

Your biggest challenge as a meditator, especially if you are a beginner, is that of meditating daily! Most of those who learn how to meditate, cite this as a major challenge and yet one of the best ways to learn.
Knowing to meditate is not enough. The only way to get value is to actually practice meditation… daily. In that sense, meditation takes discipline and practice.
This is why we are going to meditate every day for 30 days; to help you establish your meditation practice and realize the power you have over your emotions and well-being.

Why is meditation so hard to practice?

Most people that are meditating are just thinking with their eyes closed…

Meditation as a practice is actually very simple. You can learn the basics of meditation in less than half an hour. However, actually practicing meditation… regularly… can be tough.
The most challenging part is that you need to calm your thoughts and just observe your mind – your mind can be the very tool that will often attempt to do anything to get away from meditation! 😉
Your mind has formed deep thought habit patterns over many decades of distraction. Breaking this pattern can be a challenge but creating a meditation practice helps with it all!

Why 30 days?

Research has shown that it takes 21 consecutive days to form a habit and 29 days to keep it… so we are going for 30! Once you meditate for 30 days continuously, you will have established a habit and it will be easy for you to keep it up after the challenge is over.


With this 30 day challenge, you get an opportunity to establish a meditation habit with lots of other people, just like you. Tag your friends and bring them along! “no friend left behind”

Ok, I’m in… so what’s the details?

  • You commit to meditating daily for at least 20 minutes for 30 days consecutively. That’s it. It’s that simple.
    You can commit to meditating for more than 20 minutes; It’s just that 20 minutes is the absolute minimum.
    You can join a live meditation session with me, iana aka theyogabae, every morning at 8:00 AM SHARP EST via Zoom.
    Each Sunday after our meditation is over we will talk about progress and/or troubles that we may be experiencing
    There will be a recorded 20-minute meditation video for anyone who is not able to join us live.

Meditation Challenge rules & details

Dates: The Challenge starts on Jan 1, 2022, and ends on Jan 30, 2022
Type of meditation: You can meditate in any style or tradition that you are already familiar with. If you are brand new, I will teach you a Mindfulness Meditation technique. It’s simple and effective, especially for people who have the tendency to overthink (guilty!)

Meditation is simply the process of continuously regulating our attention. The mind may empty as a result, but holding on to that expectation or working toward it as a goal can make easy, relaxed mindfulness more elusive. Rather than trying to “empty the mind,” mindfulness meditation involves placing our attention on a single point, moment after moment

Accountability: Please upload a screenshot of each class you attend to the YBO Forum topic titled “Meditation Challenge Jan ‘22”
I highly recommend you document your progress, challenges, and overall experience as you take this journey. The Forum is a wonderful place to connect and encourage each other.
If you are unable to join our live mediation sessions, then take a picture of yourself after you meditate using one of our on-demand videos and upload to the forum. You will be amazed to see your physical progression during this journey. So document it!

Commitment: This challenge is meant to help you commit to meditating daily and establishing your meditation habit. So set a clear intention like this:
“I commit to meditating daily and completing the 30 day meditation challenge”
Let go of any preconceived notions about what meditation or success will look like. Whether you’re able to quiet your thoughts on day 1 or day 30. Meditation is not a thing; it’s a process.

This process brings several benefits, but it is also its own benefit. The key is to learn to enjoy the process. Practice letting goes of self-criticism, comparison, and expectations as soon as they arise. Once you figure out that meditation is not an achievement to collect, you may enjoy the process more.
Success will come, the more you practice the more you will learn to surrender and let go, the easier it all becomes…

See you on the 1st!

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