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Welcome to your online, beginner-friendly yoga studio.

Online Live Classes

Experience the benefits of yoga from the comfort of your home by joining our online classes that are beginner-friendly, all levels welcome.

What are the benefits of live classes?

Deeper connection. Accountability. Accessibility.
Teachers that are invested in you and your progress. Live explanations, personal attention, proper alignment cues, and community support.

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Pay $15 per class
$ 15
Per Class
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  • Forum access + enrollment
  • Special guest teachers
  • Pop-up classes

YB Unlimited

Pay $35 per month for unlimted access
$ 35
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  • Live classes + unlimited replays & downloads
  • Free workshops + seminars
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  • Special guest teachers
  • Pop-up classes

Live Classes

Ready to reach for relaxation? Meet me on the mat at 9:00 am (est) each Wednesday and Saturday, for live instruction via Zoom.​​ Beginner friendly. All levels welcome.




Relax. Reset. Release.

YB Resource CEnter

Breathe With me

Breathe easy with our visual animation designed to reduce stress and anxiety. Click the heart above to begin.

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Emotional Causes of disease

An A-Z reference guide to physical and mental ailments, their emotional origins, and mantras for energetic healing.

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Affirmation Station

A little uplifting never hurt. Make your day brighter with meaningful messages made just for you.

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YB's Favorites

From pop culture to fashion to self-care, here are a few of my favorite things.

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Videos to help you bend and mend at home, work, and on the go.

posture pocket guide

Woman doing backbend pose


Posture Name Sanskrit: ARDHA CHANDRASANA ARDHA, meaning “Half” CHANDRA, meaning “Moon” (A)SANA, meaning “Posture” Benefits: Increased blood flow to spinal discs, stretches shoulders, hips, spine, abdomen & legs. Increases heart rate.

hands to feet pose


Posture Name Sanskrit: PADA HASTASANA PADA, meaning “Feet, Foot” HASTA, meaning “Hand(s)” (A)SANA, meaning “Posture” ​Benefits: Improves shoulder, scapular, spinal, lower back, hamstring, and calf flexibility. Reduces heart rate. ​Relieves lower back pain.


Interested in private instruction or having a Yogabae teacher at your event? Please click here for all business-related inquiries.

Movement is the medicine

I don’t look like what I’ve been through. It’s easy to assume someone hasn’t suffered if there’s no physical evidence, but the body always remembers. My mission to help people feel better in their bodies through yoga was inspired by my own struggles with weight, depression, ADD, anger, and even motor-nerve neuropathy.

A short time after starting my yoga journey, I felt I found what worked for me. I regained mobility, lost the extra weight, and it was easier to focus. For the first time in my life, I truly felt in control. Yoga taught me to be calm in the face of chaos and to be still in times of stress.

The process can be hard and intimidating, but the benefits that exist on the other side are so worth seeing things through. Yoga has changed my life in a multitude of ways; Allow it to change yours too.

Iana Edwards

Founder of yogabae

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