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Imagine a place where you go to feel better, to be better to sustain better. The prescription is awareness, the medicine is movement. This platform is focused in utter support of one another.

Practice yoga anytime, anywhere with online live classes or on-demand. Join us for Talk Space Sunday, a safe space to discuss life’s learning curves, join Meditation Club or tune in to Sound Therapy, an immersive meditative experience to lower your cortisol levels.

Meditation Club

Meditation Club is a member-led meditation group, where we learn meditation to develop a consistent meditation practice. Group members alternate holding space each week.

Meditation has been proven to soothe the nerves and dramatically reduce the many negative effects brought about by the sympathetic nervous system such as anxiety, tension, anger and depression.

Online Live Classes

Yoga makes everything better!

Experience the benefits of practicing yoga with live instruction from certified teachers around the globe! Join in from the comfort of your living room, office, studio, park, or anywhere your smart device can go.

What can you expect?
Community. Accountability. Social Support. Deeper Connections. Increased ability to regulate emotions. Decreased stress and anxiety. Relief of chronic pain. Increased flexibility and mobility. Teachers that care about you and your progress.

On Demand

Practice anywhere, anytime!

Can’t make the live classes? No worries, we’ve got your back. All of our classes are recorded and can be accessed at any time.

Full Classes: 60-75 minute yoga sequences that include yin yoga, restorative, power yoga, hatha yoga. 

Micro Classes: 20-30 minute yoga sequences so that you can always squeeze in a little self-care for mind, body, and spirit.

Choose your plan

Choose the plan that works best for you. Save more with YB Unlimited and become a yogabae!

Meditation Club

$ 9
99 per month
  • Daily Meditation
  • Forum access
  • Mediation Videos
  • Pop-up classes


Try A Single Class
$ 20
per class
  • Online live classes
  • Forum access
  • Special guest teachers
  • Pop-up classes
  • Sound Bowl Therapy

YB Unlimited

$ 35
per month
  • Online Live classes
  • Workshops + Challenges
  • Talk Space Sundays
  • Sound Bowl Therapy
  • Meditation Club
  • Member-only videos
  • Special guest teachers
  • Forum access + enrollment

Talk Space Sundays

Join the discussion! A safe space where you can participate or just listen. And it’s moderated by a professional!

We all have different personalities and backgrounds and look at situations in different ways. By seeing how other people overcome challenges and make positive changes, you can discover a whole range of strategies to make life a little easier.

Sound bowl therapy

Peace. Harmony. Happiness.

Sound bowl therapy can be used to encourage healing and bring balance to the biological and etheric body. The melodies stimulate stress relief can lower stress hormones. After sound therapy, you may feel calmer and the mind less cluttered. 

There is a great deal of theory as to how and why sound bowl therapy works, but science has proven that vibration produces change in one’s environment, both external and internal.

Resource CEnter

Breathe App

Breathe easy with our visual animation designed to reduce stress and anxiety. Click the heart above to begin.

Emotional Causes of disease

An A-Z reference guide to physical and mental ailments, their emotional origins, and mantras for energetic healing.

Affirmation Station

A little uplifting never hurt. Make your day brighter with meaningful messages made just for you. Submit your favorite affirmations in the forum.


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