Iana Edwards | Founder

"My mission to help people feel better in their bodies through yoga was inspired by my own struggles with depression, ADD, anger, motor nerve neuropathy and unfortunately, much more. A short time after starting my yoga journey, I started to gain a sense of knowing, a soul GPS you could say. For the first time in my life, I truly felt good. Yoga taught me to be calm in the face of chaos and to be still in times of stress. The process can be tough, but the benefits that exist on the other side are so worth seeing it through. Yoga has changed my life in a multitude of ways; Allow it to change yours too."
- trained by 5x hatha yoga champion Ida Ripley


Jessica is a 200 hour yoga instructor. Jessica has certifications in yoga therapy for anxiety & trauma informed yoga. Jessica believes yoga has taught her the importance of breathe, being present in the moment and learning how to keep pushing through, on and off the mat. Her intention for the yogis in her class is for them to realize the power and strength they have while pushing them to a higher level and have them feeling zenned out by the time they walk out the door.

Chelsie Jones

I am a passionate Yoga Instructor who looks forward to sharing the therapeutic lessons that I have been honored to experience. My specialty is Yin Yoga as it provides a decompressing, deepening of breath, and a gentle/progressing stretch. As an instructor I like to highlight breathing and intention for your flow. You will feel rejuvenated and leave your mat with a sense of clarity and peace. This is an equal exchange, so thank you for joining me. <3

Qishanda La’ree

Hiii, I’m Qishanda La’ree from Los Angeles & a newbie to Atlanta. When I’m not acting or directing I am teaching yoga & chiiiiillld do I love yoga! It’s literally the best thing. I found yoga back in 2014 & shortly after lost 30lbs. And I've never looked back. I am passionate about helping others look & feel good from the inside out & understanding what that means for themselves. Yoga for me isn’t just physical, it’s mental a whole lot of mental strength. With mental mastery, mastery of self follows, it follows you all the way to the moment your sitting in traffic AND you're already 10mins late AND people are constantly cutting you off AND... your ok. LOL yea that’s Yoga. As your instructor I will push you to challenge yourself mentally, spiritually, & of course physically! And have fun while doing it. Yoga, is compassion, grace & peace, let’s give that to ourselves daily. Can’t wait to see you in Class!

Briah Stinson

Yoga is everything to me. Yoga is what has been the most prevalent tool in guiding back to my true self. Yoga and my daughter are the only 2 things to finally help me love myself and see the purpose in this experience here, and spreading this ancient art and practice that has transformed and elevated my life in the way it has is a huge part of that purpose. Through teaching the style of vinyasa yoga it’s my goal to have every student feeling more connected to their breath, bodies, and ultimately themselves after every class.

Valerie Williams

Valerie (Arjan Deva) has been practicing yoga since her college days in 2014. She decided to take her casual practice more seriously after experiencing the effects of postpartum depression and anxiety. Upon finding the light and love within herself, she embarked on her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training to help others reap the same benefits. After graduation, Valerie received additional continued education in Yoga therapy, chakra healing and Reiki. Valerie’s goal is to share the benefits of yoga and meditation to underserved communities and people of color. Her style is generally Hatha-based with elements of Ashtanga, offering many modifications and breathwork exercises to truly tap into your highest self.

Seitebatso Kabi

"My name is Seitebatso Kabi. I am a yogini from the Kingdom of Lesotho, also known as the Kingdom in the Sky. I started practicing yoga 4 years ago at my university gym at the height of my anxiety and depression and then I didn't quite understand what yoga was other than that people became flexible when they practiced it. I could not believe the world I was introduced to when I realized it was so much more than just Asana but more of mental and spiritual refinement. It was the practice of Pranayama that convinced me that yoga needs to be the center of my life. I've seen myself navigate situations in my life with a different mindset and clarity because of the practices I've been privy to from yoga. Yoga has saved me countless times and most importantly made me believe in myself and my aspirations. I knew immediately after I started my practice that it was something I needed to share with others and I'm humbled to be finally on that journey."

Maryam Aishah | Sound Therapist

Maryam Aishah is an artist, healer, and yoga teacher in training who is passionate about self-healing and self-awareness using powerful tools like yoga, breathwork, sound healing, and meditation. She realized her healing gifts on her spiritual journey and is now sharing them with the world as a meditation teacher, sound healer, and as the host of the Asé Podcast.

Shaunda Jones | Psychotherapist

Shaunda Jones is a native of Hampton, Virginia but currently resides in Conyers, Georgia. She has a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Saint Leo University and a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Capella University. Shaunda has experience working as an adjunct professor, in-home counselor, school-based mental health therapist, trainer, and project coordinator. She currently works as a full-time psychotherapist for The Hardy Clinic where she works with individuals and couples. Shaunda has a passion for trauma, specifically working with her clients on family inherited trauma.