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OMG I love these classes so much! I used to hate yoga, like really hate it. I didn't have the patience and I would always quit a few minutes in, but things changed when I took YogaBae's classes. She is such an amazing teacher that now I look forward to her classes! She's patient, knowledgeable, and such an effective communicator. My body, mind & spirit feel so amazing after each session, taking me on a high that is indescribable. I highly recommend!
Carissa Williams
I follow The Yoga Bae on Instagram and I’ve attended both her in-person and virtual classes and I am such a fan! She’s very well educated on the body and how the poses and asanas heal you. She makes sure that her students understand what they are they are doing and why they are doing and she’s extremely patient and encouraging! I love how she how’s multiple platforms so that no matter your schedule or your financial situation you can experience yoga with her! Every time I’m Consistent with Yoga Bae I feel the results mentally and physically! Totally a fan and rooting for her! And I’m trying to make it on the summer retreat! 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Akili Yasmine
I simply love Iana and her classes. Ive been to other yoga classes and tend to either get no real directions or ignored completely due to me being plus size. I feel incredibly comfortable during class. Iana is very patient, has a very calming voice and modifies positions for my body. Ive been in her classes since August and Ive seen a major change in my overall well being. Not only is my body gaining strength and flexibility, Ive learned how to center and calm myself in high stress situations through breathing. Very grateful 🙏🏿❤❤❤
I took my first hot yoga class with Iana Aug. 2020. She has absolutely ignited my love for the practice and I haven't looked back! Her voice, delivery, and message encourages you to do your best, stay present and actively listen to your body. If there is a first step, it should start with her - she is a WONDERFUL instructor and overall amazing person! I promise. Do yourself a favor and practice with The Yoga Bae
The best thing I love about Iana is her voice and how she clearly guides you through the postures encouraging you to trust your body. I am more at ease, more flexible and my lower back pain has subsided.🙏🏼💕
A phenomenon instructor. Pushed me to be better at yoga!
I absolutely LOVE Iana’s class! Her soothing voice brings you in and her instructions and constant encouragement during class keeps you motivated! Even when some poses might be difficult at first to learn, she guides us through and even gives us different ways to still accomplish the same goal. Even if it’s a 60 min class, it feels like 10! I absolutely recommend her for your yoga needs
Rae londonn
My heart is constantly full and my soul is revived everytime I step out of a class with Iana! I simply thank her for constantly reminding me and teaching me how to care for me first and offer myself grace! The words play continuously in my mind “it’s about alignment not depth” and that applies daily! Align with what works for your spirit don’t chase anything other than that! Xoxo Ari
Iana is an incredible instructor, the passion she has for teaching is evident and she makes all of her classes so welcoming and comfortable! I have been attending her virtual classes while we've been on lock down over here in Toronto and they've truly been one of my small joys during this tough time. Her classes have helped me alleviate tension in my body and have made me more mindful of my posture and breathing not only in class, but in everyday life. I'm very grateful for such an amazing teacher and to be apart of this community
Dana Khreibeh
The best thing I love about Iana is her voice and how she clearly guides you through the postures encouraging you to trust your body. I am more at ease, more flexible and my lower back pain has subsided.🙏🏼💕
Its only been about a month since I started classes with Iana and I already feel like I’ve progressed so much in terms of my flexibility and posture! I have a bunch of back issues and I feel like these classes (along with youtube) have my body feeling noticeably better throughout the day. She has taught me a lot that is transferable to my everyday life both physically and mentally. Iana is so sweet and accommodating of everyone’s ability and body. She also makes it her mission to encourage every one of her students. Such a great teacher, definitely my favorite part of the week 🙂
While social distancing is life-saving, isolation is hard on the heart and not great for our mental health. Nothing hurts the immune system more than stress. When I'm in Yogabae’s (Iana) class and struggling with my poses - I listen to her voice was able to let go, to open up, and let her guidance and the yoga sink in. What a beautiful feeling - what an amazing teacher.
Joyce Glaize
Iana is an magnificent instructor. She motivated me to heal my mind and body. Very knowledgeable and supportive person
Most knowledgeable yoga teacher i have met !!!! YOU CAN TELL SHE LOVES HER JOB and is focused on HELPING YOU FEEL AMAZING !!!
Iana is such a great instructor and is so knowledgeable about healing your body. She has the most soothing voice that will make you feel so at ease while guiding you through some difficult poses. 10/10 recommended.
Bailey R
I can not express how helpful the zoom yoga class with iana has been to my yoga practice. Like many, I’m a quarantine yoga newbie and adding this practice to my YouTube practice has been invaluable. Iana is the most gentle, intuitive and helpful guide and teacher and with her help I’m truly seeing progress! I can’t recommend this class enough!

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